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Steak with Mustard Butter & Frites



On one of our trips to Paris we stayed in the area of Saint Germain des Pres. (6th arr.)  where there  were a number are excellent Bistros.  Each one had a few varied items on their menu, but they all had steak and frites. Some were excellent and others had cuts of meat that were not the best quality. However, each and every one had delicious french fries.

One of our favorite bistros was called Le Nemrod on Rue de Cherche-Midi.

We always enjoyed a decent meal there,  the wine was good, the atmosphere was quite interesting, and it was  within walking distance of the hotel.

This week’s recipe brought back lots of nice memories.

I purchased a rib-eye steak, seasoned it well with the spices that were recommended and chilled it for a few hours.

The mustard butter was easy to prepare and so delicious on the steak.

But to me, the best part were the potatoes.  Roasting them in the oven at such a high temperature really made them crispy but still tender on the inside.

Winter Salad


I am so excited to be cooking with everyone again and  using David Lebovitz’s

book “My Paris Kitchen”.

Tricia and I often said we would love to go on one of his chocolate tours

in Paris, or even a cheese tour in Switzerland, but it was not to be.

When we realized he was going to be in New York for a book signing,

we immediately made plans with a few other Doristas to meet in


The cooking demo  was so much fun, the food was delicious,

and he is so charming and funny.  We all had such a great time and even had

an opportunity for photos with him.

Since it is Ash Wednesday and we are not to eat meat, I prepared the Winter

Salad  to go with a delicious cheese omelet for dinner.

I really enjoyed the dressing,  the combination of yogurt and Roquefort

cheese is so good.  I added a sliced pear and topped it with walnuts.